Sunday, 18 August 2013

New Dovetail Guides Have Arrived!!!!!!

Well here they are at long last! They are all numbered from 1:4 through to 1:8 and coloured coded as well.

A batch of number 4's, this was the angle I was really looking forward to trying. Although the guides are being made for me there is still a lot of work involved in getting them ready for sale. The name disc and magnets need gluing in, the abrasive pads and slick tape need cutting and attaching and the box with the instructions, spare pads and label need making up.

All the guides are now branded with a stainless steel name disc which I think turned out very well. The existing stock of 1:6 aren't branded, until the stocks run out which won't take long.

A made up a sample joint for each angle so that  hopefully the result can be gauged before making a purchase, unless of course all five are bought!

1:8 is the traditional dovetail angle for hard woods although of course you can use any angle you like. The 8 and the 7 are probably not best for soft woods though. This is the angle I've had the most requests for.

1:7 was the angle the late great Alan Peters used (who am I to argue!)

1:6 is the angle the guide has been produced in up until now.

1:5 also looks nice.

And heere's the 1:4 which I've been looking forward to getting my hands on. The pins need to be kept quite thin to help balance the steep angle but I think it looks great!

To show comparisons, above is the 4 and the 5.

The 5 and the 6.

The 6 and the 7.

and finally the 7 and the 8. If you need to know which is which, it's time to get some new glasses!
They are all ready to ship now and the best bit is the price has stayed the same at £29.


  1. Lovely!(I still like mine in wood though)

    You'll need to get your website updated.


  2. Hi Patrick, they work just the same in wood or metal! I have others tools to add/change shortly so I'm waiting to do it all in one go.
    All the best, David.

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  4. Whenever i can afford it I'll be buying a few things from you. These look great by the way.