Sunday, 10 November 2013

Scottish Smoother Finished!

With the clamps off, the block was flushed with the plane and then cut to rough shape with a fine coping saw by Knew Concepts. I then used rasps to refine the curves to a pleasing shape which blended in with the original. This went quicker than I expected, mahogany is much softer than rosewood although it's very easy to remove too much! The method of attaching and clamping the new spur worked very well with a tight joint and no glue line.
The colour was not exactly a perfect match due to both age and the fact the original had been stained. I used a combination of coloured shellac and permanent markers pens to blend the new spur in.

The new handle fitted nicely and gave a comfortable grip.

Here's the finished handle. I sealed the colour with a couple of coats of tinted melamine lacquer which was applied to the whole plane. This was then lightly cut back with 600 grit and waxed.

Before applying the lacquer I 'distressed' the new spur (with a bunch of keys) to blend in with the knocks and bumps of the rest of the wood. The result was pleasing and you really wouldn't suspect it had been repaired.

Here's the spur compared to the Galloway plane.


  1. Pretty much invisible, that will be in a tool auction in 100 years and it will say "Craftsman repaired tote - well done repair",!!!

  2. The plane is gorgeous. It has the lines of a bulldog. An uprightness that I see in taxi cabs and even firearms and airplanes from Britain pre-WWII. Is there a name for this style, or is it even recognized as a style?

    1. The style is distinctly Scottish and referred to as such. Many were crudely made but it's nice when you find a good one. The best had a heart and shield cut out of the brass lever cap. All the best, David.

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