Friday, 11 April 2014

Roubo Workbench.

Here's some pictures of a very nice Roubo work bench which I came accross on Lumberjocks

He used the Bench Crafted criss cross mechanism fitted to a wooden vice screw, a nice combination.

He chose to use the lamination method of building the joints as shown in one of my You Tube videos and he's done a great job. A number of others have said they are going to build their bench this way and I look forward to seeing some pictures when they are done.


  1. Wonderful stuff David. I'm friends with CL810 on, and he is an outstanding woodworker. It was inspiring watching him build this bench.

    Furthermore David, I'd like to note that we revere you as the English Gentlemen of woodworking. Your videos are interesting and informative.Your work is so clean and precise, Best of all, you do it with class. Even when folks like us imitate your work, you take it as a you should sir!

    Keep up the good work, Dan Westfall

    1. Hi Dan, Thank you!
      CL810 (Andrew as I now know him) contacted me to say thank you for the Blog post. I'm pleased to be of help to woodworkers and I try to share things which may be of interest. It's always nice to see projects inspired by my work. All the best, David.