Sunday, 28 December 2014

Workbenches Live on E Bay

I flicked through E Bay, as you do at the weekends, and came across a couple of interesting benches.
The first is an Axminster bench from a few years back which I believe is made from Rhodesian teak, a hard, heavy and beautiful looking wood when finished. If anyone has seen the Clifton rep at shows he has one of these and it's a real beauty.

The vice isn't as flexible as a leg vice but it looks a pretty sturdy thing. The blue rings in the top are for a holdfast. Link here

The other bench looks much older and has an angled leg vice, it looks sturdy although the top is not very thick.

The angle on the vice is meant to hold work securely down to the ground, missing the vice screw, not sure if the angle is large enough to successfully achieve this.

There is a lovely old wooden screw which should have a lovely feel if it still works well. I noticed it has no garter so the jaw is not attached to the screw but it would still work fine without one.
Link here
Both benches have reasonable starting prices, the top one is in Salisbury and the bottom one in Derby.

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