Sunday, 14 August 2016

Lovely Paring Chisel

In my recent parcel from Gerd Fritsche was also a very nice surprise. A beautifully made paring chisel with two tone rosewood handle. In antique planes they sometimes used this two tone sapwood which I have always thought very attractive. The maker Slater, in the 1870's and 1880's often used it in their planes which were marketed as a budget option to the likes of Spiers, Matheison and Norris. Presumably pieces of rosewood with lighter coloured sapwood cost a bit less.

The grind on the sides is tapered really well down to almost nothing in the style of classic antique paring chisels.

I will add this to my current paring chisels which include a pair of Japanese made by Yamahiro and two from the late great Alan Peters.


  1. That's a stunning chisel David, really like the use of sapwood / heartwood transition in the centreline of the handle.