Friday 9 December 2016

Curved Dovetail Box.

Following on from the box I made with angled dovetails, I decided to make one with curved dovetails. It's made from birds eye maple, Brazilian mahogany and amboyna for the lid.
The parts were all shaped before cutting the dovetails in order to scribe a curved baseline for even sized tails. The insides were kept square which helped in marking the pins from the tails as well as making the box easier to line.

You can see the angled lining which allows the top to be tilted and lifted off, which can be done with one hand. I didn't want a handle spoiling the highly figured amboyna. The padded pig suede base was glued in before the mitred lining was fitted.

I've written an article for Furniture and Cabinet Making magazine which will show the full making process as well as having an exploded drawing with all dimensions.


  1. Really nice David, I'm definitely going to make a few of these once I have a bandsaw (very soon hopefully).

    I might need a linisher too ???

    1. Hi Simon, you'll enjoy that when it finally arrives. The curves were done on a 12" disc sander which I've found far more useful than a linisher. All the best, David.

    2. Cheer David, I best start looking for one of those instead !!! Many thanks (thumbs up)