Sunday, 7 May 2017

New Smoothing Plane for Handworks, 12 days to go!

As well as making some jack planes I've also made a small batch of matching smoothers. They are all in highly figured ash and brown oak.

The iron is 1 1/2" wide and a massive 1/4" thick and hardened to 62 Rc.

Like the jack plane, these will only be for sale at Handworks.


  1. Stunning work, I wish I was going to Handworks !!!

  2. I've got two of yours I got at Handworks 2015 which I love - can't make it this year- these planes are extraordinary visually- you are a maestro- so glad more folks are getting to have a piece of your legacy !!
    Bill Morris in Kerrville, TX

    1. Thanks for your kind comments, sorry you couldn't make it this time round. All the best, David.