Monday, 19 November 2018

Wonderful Dressing Table, Lots of Pictures.

I was chatting to Chris, a very pleasant young man at the Harrogate show and after a while he asked if I wanted to see some pictures of a recently completed project. I was amazed.
Ostensibly a rectangular table and stool, has been designed with lots of subtle curves, angles and chamfers which all work to create a piece that's beautiful. The more you look, the more little details are discovered.
Chris has been 'on the tools' for 17 years and was introduced to woodworking at 7 years old. He's currently working at Cubby Construction in Carlisle and is looking to build up this bespoke side of the business.

The 'Nakashima' butterfly keys were added to wood which had been carefully split part way.

The double curves on the legs have an animal grace.

The stretchers were bent by laminating thin strips of ash, Chris then added a veneer of ash to cover the glue lines.

The stretchers were then shrouded in Wenge to match the dovetail keys.

The rear was treated with the same attention to detail with a wenge veneer on the back of the mirrors.

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  1. Dear David,
    First of all I have to say what a gorgeous table! This is pure craftsmanship and it really is a masterpiece on its own. The design is really stunning, it has refined curves in the chassis combined with the raw look of the dovetail ‘stitched’ cloven planks for the table top. Furthermore I really like the contrast between the overall use of light ash against the darker tone of wenge used for details. This is truly a piece of furniture I could see standing in my own house but I am affright the price is a bit over my head at this stage of my life.

    Kind regards,
    Arthur De Lorenzo