Thursday, 30 January 2020

Lie Nielsen Honing Guide

A few years ago I bought the LN honing guide but when I found it wouldn't cope with my 6mm Blue Spruce chisel I bought the smaller set of jaws as well. But in practise I reverted back to my old Eclipse guide (which didn't involve changing jaws) and the LN guide was put in the back of the draw.

On the recent sharpening course I fished it out and gave it another go and was pleasantly surprised. The design automatically squares the back of the chisel which was nice, giving a nice straight hone.

Although changing the jaws takes time I was rewarded by the ability to hold both my 3 mm and 4.5 mm chisels as well as the 6 mm. Achieving a square edge on these narrower chisels can be a challenge free hand but the guide worked a treat.

As this was going to be my new best friend I also invested in the long jaws which allows me to hold my spoke shave blades as well. With all that investment (yes it's very expensive!) I bought myself a couple of screw drivers that fit the screws perfectly and made a little tray from scrap materials.

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