Thursday, 13 February 2020

Making a Dovetailed Box with Tilt Top Lid

With the dovetailing weekend approaching I realised that I didn't have one of this style of box to show to the participants. I've been cutting all my dovetails freehand recently just to keep my hand in.

It went well and I had them done and glued up in 80 minutes.

The box needs a lining to support the lid and these need to be of perfect width before shooting the mitred corners. I used a fence (stuck on with double sided tape) on my shooting board set exactly to 50.5 mm.

The next job was to shoot the lid to an exact fit, each end was shot separately then trimmed down to the required width.

Beautiful shavings of spalted beech.

The finished box...……….

…….....with tilt top lid.

Below you can see the lining angled at one end to create a gap for the tilt to work.

An add on base was applied with double sided tape, this gives a nice shadow line around the box as well as adding useful weight.

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