Wednesday 23 May 2012

Knew Concepts saws

I have been selling these saws for the last 2 years at woodworkers shows and although they are not cheap they are superb and sell very well! For dovetails they allow you to saw very close to the line with great control, saving you both time and effort. I have always sold the standard versions of 5 and 8"as the extra cost for the cam lever version is not really justified as the blades get changed so infrequently. However I've just added the 5" swivel version to my stock which will allow the waste to be cut with the frame at 45 degrees. This enables dovetails of any width to be cut, nice!
Lee has also added two of my You Tube films to his You Tube section. See the website here

You can see the saw in use on my video 'Hand cut dovetails made easy'

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