Friday, 22 February 2013

Filming for You Tube.

After the success of the Videos posted on You Tube a year ago, it was time to do some more. It's hard to describe the amount of planning and work that goes into these, never mind the stress of a days filming.

One of the films will be on the wall mounted tool cabinet I made recently.

This is what faces me, no wonder I fluff my lines! To make matters worse I've got to talk to one camera while showing things to the other camera for close ups.

Here's the view from the other way, looks like an ITN news program.

Jon is the sharp shooter on the close ups, he doesn't like being photographed, hypocrite!
If there's one sure way to lure camera shy, cameramen from out behind their lenses it's with my wife's home made fruit cake.
Look out for 10 more videos on You Tube by the end of next week.


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  2. Looking forwards to seeing the videos on YouTube as I enjoyed the last lot. I also own your 3 DVDs which I find a nice watch with a Cupper. Keep up the hard work, great blog

    1. Hi David, thanks for your comments, that's good to hear. All the best, David.