Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Wonderful Boxes!

Boxes are great things, they don't take up much room and on the whole are reasonably priced, so sell well. I enjoy making them because they're quick and don't bog you down for weeks on just one piece. I have a deep admiration for certain box makers and have acquired a few of their pieces on my travels.
The reason they're all in my workshop is I'm filming some more videos for You Tube and one will be on them, so here's a sneak preview.

These three are by Philip Weber, a well known US maker, who makes mostly very small boxes. He uses a lot of ebony and accents with other woods and metals. I don't know how he thinks up the designs let alone how he makes some of them. His website is well worth a look. http://weberboxes.com/

These four above are by my favourite furniture maker Matthew Burt http://www.matthewburt.com/
His contemporary furniture designs are just wonderful and the making is immaculate.

This little box has strong sentimental value. It was made by the late great Alan Peters and I bought it from his widow Laura along with a large quantity of fine wood. The drawers were missing and it had no back and may have been used as a demo piece on his teaching courses in the US. I completed the piece as sympathetically as I could.

Peter Lloyd like Philip Weber just makes boxes http://www.finehardwoodboxes.com/ and I think this speciality really shows. None of his work is technically challenging but it has a real charm that comes from refining his craft. This one is in brown oak (one of my favourite woods) and features his trademark curved lid. If you go on his website have a look at his gallery and see his 'kissing' box, great stuff!
This last box is one of mine, looks a bit sad by comparison! This shaker style box was my apprentice piece, made many moons ago and the first thing I made with hand cut dovetails. I was very proud of it at the time.


  1. Hi David, thanks for sharing. I was looking at Matthew Burt furniture, and it reminded me of some benches in a museum I went to. Sure enough, the benches were his in the Courtauld Gallery! A very distinctive curvaceous design that is very luxurious. Inspirational!

    1. Hi Tom, He has a rare talent. All the best, David.

  2. I don't think your box is sad at all mate. I'd be quite happy to have made that.

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