Saturday, 16 March 2013

Chip Carving

 I have always been drawn towards carving but never got round to learning and putting in the practice Last year I spent a day with Nick Barberton a very talented carver and furniture maker and I found it not quite as easy as I had imagined. In fact the only clean cut I made was on my hand! Have a look at some of his lovely work, particularly the carved vessels and panels

Chip carving is very appealing when done well and sensitively, so I decided to give that a go as it looked easier to pick up than some of Nick's techniques. I ordered a pair of knives from made by Wayne Barton from the US and they arrived this week. They feel very comfortable and came razor sharp.

A while ago I bought a couple of planes made at the College of the Redwoods which had chip carving on the sides, this was added after the maker attended a course with Kristina Madsen who has created some wonderful work with this technique.

I bought one of Wayne's books, as well as a DVD, now all I need to do is make some time to practice!

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