Sunday, 10 March 2013

Dovetail Marking Knives.

I'm making a batch of 50 dovetail marking knives, here they are turned and sanded to 400 grit.

The slot for the blade is cut by hand, I had considered using a slitting cutter on the router table but as the handles vary a little in thickness this would be fiddly. Anyway it helps me stay in practice sawing straight.

The saw I use is an old dovetail saw by Hill (Late Howel) dating from around 1860. It has just the right 0.6mm kerf to fit the blade.

The thumb recess is created with a 3" drum on the spindle sander and finished with the smaller sander behind. I install a blade in the slot and press this against the square, so that the recess is in just the right place.

After the first coat of finish, I'm doing some mini smoothers at the same time.

That Pink Ivory knife really is that pink!

A nice matching pair in Brazilian tulipwood, a very hard and heavy wood and one of my favourites.
The curly madrone below really came alive when it was hit with a finish.


  1. Looks like you are getting ready for Yandles show! Love the mini smoother plane had one from you back in September , getting used to setting it up now and work a treat.

  2. Hi David, yes you're right there, it should be a good show. I'm glad you are getting on well with the mini smoother, it got a very good write by Andy King in Good Woodworking. See you in April.
    All the best David.