Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Customer Roubo Workbench, Bench Crafted hardware.

Luke from the US has been keeping me updated with his Roubo workbench project. He followed my method of laminating both the top and the legs to create the joints. Instead of two tenons per leg he has gone with one which is plenty strong enough especially if it's a nice tight fit.

He did a practice run to check out the fit of the wedges which all looks good.

Below shows the legs being checked for a good fit and above is the assembled base ready for the top to go on.

And here is the completed bench complete with sliding dead man and a dog for each hole!
The Bench Crafted hardware has been nicely fitted and having used this set up at Handworks for two days I can assure you it works wonderfully. Note the depth between the bench top and the screw, looks to be about 12" which gives a lot more clamping flexibility than the normal 8".

To finish with a shot of Lukes workshop a row of wormy blue pine wall cupboards and burr elm veneer on the wall above the bench, very posh!


  1. Stunning workshop and fantastic bench. I co I got to realis that I should build a bench too, I'll be spending the money saved on some machinery !!!

    1. That sounds like a very wise move!

  2. I came to the realisation last week that I really need a bandsaw and planer / thicknesser. Once I have those a bench is a not too distant thing for me to achieve, I just need to get your recommendations on the correct machinery to go for. New or old ???

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