Wednesday, 4 October 2017

My Latest Project, a Chest with lots of Dovetails.

Just in case you wondered about my last post, this is the reason I was getting ready to cut dovetails. The picture above shows just one of four corners on these drawers.

It's a petit chest of drawers standing 23" high made in chestnut, a wood I've never used before. It is similar to oak in it's feel and open grain and I was lucky enough to have a large board which was quarter sawn with some nice ripple as well. An detailed article on this piece will be appearing in Furniture and Cabinetmaking magazine in due course.


  1. That's really pretty David. How did you get the curves on the side pieces of the carcass? Bandsawn from thicker material?

  2. Thank you. Yes they were band sawn from thicker pieces. For the crucial outer curves I stuck both pieces together with a small amount of double sided tape to provide extra support. The offcuts were also stuck back on for glue up, so that the clamps were square to the carcass. Full details will be in the article. All the best, David.

  3. Really nice David, your response above is exactly the question I was going to ask as well.

    I really like the handle-less drawer fronts, a nice way of letting the figure "speak".

    1. Thanks Simon, it was a nice project to work on.