Sunday, 12 November 2017

Windsor Chair Completed

During the 5 day course James shared many little tips, here we have taped up the prior to drilling to minimise the risk of tearout. The blue string gave something to run a sharp knife against making removal much easier.

Banging in the wedges for the legs, tilting the stool so the leg is vertical to the bench.

The chair was then levelled from side to side and then shimmed for a backwards lean of 1/2" (I think). When all this was done without any wobble left, the legs were marked with the gauge shown and then cut to the lines.

In order to arrive at a design he is happy with for each chair he has made up to 6 versions. Many of these can be found handing on the wall of one of his barns, including the first chair he ever made.

James's farmhouse was the setting for morning and afternoon tea as well as a lovely lunch.

I had been admiring the oak dining table we used for a few days and it turned out that it had been made by Edward Barnsley for James father back in 1958.

And here we all are at the end of the course complete with the shop dog. It was a great course with lovely people and can highly recommend the experience to anyone. All our chairs needed final cleaning up and finishing which will be done in our own shops. Mine needs to wait as I've got preparation to do for the North of England Woodworking show next week.

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