Monday, 15 January 2018

Optivisor Magnifier

When a spent a couple of days with box maker Andrew Crawford a few years ago he highly recommended the head mounted Optivisor for seeing more intricate work. He used the model 5 with a magnification of x 2.5 and a focal length of 8". After buying one I found I needed to go so close to the work it was difficult to use at the same time as working, so I went in a drawer. I finally decided to buy a different lens, the model 3 with a magnification of x 1 3/4 and a focal length of 14" and what a difference! It is ideal for dovetails and allows effortless accuracy.

It had a nicely designed adjustable headband and is very comfortable. It can be worn over existing glasses if needed.

Quality is not cheap, but for anyone struggling to see their baselines clearly or just wanting super accurate results, this is a great aid.

Some sharp tails, this board is just 2" wide.

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  1. Thanks for this amazing post! I would personally add to it to give it some more functions, but hey that's my opinion :))