Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Planes for Sale, Bill Carter, Sauer and Steiner, Norris, Spiers, Barron, Enwistle etc

This weeks offerings on E Bay include a recent Bill Cater mitre plane. All are offered with Worldwide shipping (except the two machines)

An unused Sauer and Steiner K7

A pre war Norris A5 as featured in my YouTube video.

 A unique Entwistle chariot, one of the last planes he made.

A fine Norris panel plane.

A steel soled gunmetal shoulder plane by Slater.

Also a little used Jet mortise and a Hegner scrollsaw

A David Barron special Jack plane, brand new.

A Gremercy dovetail saw with figured claro walnut.
And a couple of new knives by Chris Vesper.


  1. Not the Sauer and Steiner !!! Goes to have a look on eBay and check down the back of the sofa !!!

    1. Yes a fine plane like this needs to be put to work. All the best, David.