Saturday, 25 August 2018

Split Top Roubo with Benchcrafted Vices and hardware

A friend sent me these pictures of his recently completed slit top Roubo work bench. It's made from well seasoned southern Yellow pine with chestnut end caps.

After much planning Rod made his bench 40" tall, he is a tall man. Workbench height is an emotive subject, but I definitely prefer a taller bench than the standard 34-35", you can work on it without back ache and pull up a stool for finer work. My ideal height is 37".
You can also see in the picture that Rod has installed the leg vice screw low down giving him a lot of depth, another advantage of a taller bench.
The recommended distance is 8-9" but I've fitted mine with a 12" clearance which is more versatile. The disadvantage to allowing too much is having to stoop to operate as well as loosing some leverage, although the vice holds so well this is probably just a theoretical problem.

He's done a very nice job with the tail vice and says that the Crubber (facing the jaws) is amazing!

Here are some other projects made by Rod.


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