Thursday 24 February 2022

Courses for 2022 available to book

I have 9 course available this year please see my website for details of how to book. 

A Scandinavian 'add on' shoulder vice. Ideal for dovetailing with no guide bars and a lot easier and quicker to use than a Moxon vice. 6th and 7th August 2022 £290

A curved dovetail box with a tilt top lid. A challenging piece but good fun! May 21st and 22nd 2022 £250

Box with a piston fit drawer, a very challenging project with tiny through wedged tenons and 50 dovetails. 14th-16th October 2022 £450

An angled dovetail box with a lift off lid. A big step up from square dovetails but still can be made with my magnetic guides. 10th and 11th December £250

Make a wooden jack plane. An enjoyable project in which you will make a fine Krenov style hand plane with a superb Hock plane blade and chip breaker. 13th and 14th November 2022 £260

By popular request my toolbox with a piston fit tray and soft close lid, lots of techniques and lots of dovetails, an intense three days. 8th-10th July £480

Making a wooden footstool. This may look simple but with six angled through wedged tenons and lots of angles and curves, it's a real test of accuracy and skill. I have some lovely brown oak for this project. 3rd-4th September £240

Hand cut dovetails made easy. This is my introductory 2 day course to the world of dovetailing, sharp tools and accuracy. It is preceded by a sharpening day which is optional and can be booked separately. 11th-12th June £250. Sharpening made easy 10th June 2022 £120.