Monday 30 July 2018

Collectors Cabinet, Latest Project.

Above are the leaves salvaged from my parents antique mahogany dining table. It was a shame to cut up such lovely old boards but they were badly warped and recycling was the best option.

The cabinet stands about 32" high and has 15 dovetails on each corner. I've shot the drawer sides, for all 11 drawers, into their respective openings which was followed by fitting the fronts and backs. Lots of work with my (unhandled and comfortable) Veritas Shooting Board plane.
An article in Furniture and Cabinet Making magazine on the whole project will follow in the coming months.

Monday 23 July 2018

Teaching from my Workshop 12th 13th 14th October. Dovetailing and Sharpening.

 Ever since moving into my new workshop nearly two years ago, I've been meaning to start teaching again. At last I've got round to organised some dates! My workshop is in a modern industrial estate in Southampton and has four work benches of varying styles (no Record vices!). Above is a bench equipped with an excellent Bench Crafted glide vice and below a traditional Scandinavian bench with a shoulder vice (I have two of these).

The style below is a modern commercially made bench from Ulmia in Germany which although traditional in looks has an excellent front vice, ideal for dovetailing. Being able to use these benches may help you with buying or upgrading your existing bench.

The first course is just a single day on Friday 12th October and precedes the dovetailing course which follows on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th, full details can be found on my Website.
Hardly anyone has come to the dovetailing courses I've run in the past with tools that are sharp enough for good results. So if you intend to come on the dovetailing course and are in any doubt about the sharpness of your tools, I would suggest you come along on the 12th.
The course is also open to anyone who just wants to spend a day leaning how to sharpen their tools.

Effortless fluffy shavings and a wonderful finish are easily achieved with a sharp, well tuned plane.

Sharpening materials will be available to use as well as advice on what equipment to buy without breaking the bank.

The dovetailing course on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th October starts with plenty of practice cuts to get used to using the saw and magnetic guide, followed by a practice joint shown below.

The main project will be making a very useful dovetail alignment board, click on my YouTube video above to see the process. I have loads more videos on there as well.

Dovetails of this fit and finish should be achievable by everyone by the end of the course.

For maximum stability all boards will be made from a single piece of quarter saw timber, in this case some lovely English Oak. Full details of the course cost and booking can be found on my website, please click the link at the top of this page.

Tuesday 10 July 2018

New Shooting Board

I've used a 33" long shooting board for about 15 years but on a number of occasions recently I've found it a bit short. So with a hour or so to spare I made myself a new longer one.
It's 48" long x 11" wide and made from 3/4" multi ply.

When I'm planning long grain I use the sole of the plane to achieve a straight edge, rather than rely on the board as you would with end grain. I hollow the middle and then take through strokes until a get a full shaving, thank you David Charlesworth.


I lined the runway with self adhesive UHMW tape which gives a durable and very slick surface.
Below is my collection of shooting boards, all very useful. An end grain board with a 'trap' for my Veritas shooting board plane which gives me a perfect 90 degrees. A 45 degree mitre plane as per Bob Wearing's book and my new extra long board.

Sunday 8 July 2018

Garrett Hack in Israel

A friend of mine Mishael Levron runs a tool dealership in Israel and Garrett Hack came over to teach for a very enjoyable week. This short video starts in Israeli but fast forward to Garrett and it's in English.

Wednesday 4 July 2018

Nice Customer Projects

Ron sent me these pictures of a very nice tool chest he made in quarter sawn oak.

 He only took up woodworking a year ago and has certainly learnt fast!

He used shellac to protect the box and give it a nice shine.

A shaker style table, again in quarter sawn oak with contrasting wedges.

And lastly he also sent me a picture of a rare George Miller rhino horn shoulder plane bought at an auction for less than £10! Lucky man, even un named this is worth £200+