Tuesday 10 July 2018

New Shooting Board

I've used a 33" long shooting board for about 15 years but on a number of occasions recently I've found it a bit short. So with a hour or so to spare I made myself a new longer one.
It's 48" long x 11" wide and made from 3/4" multi ply.

When I'm planning long grain I use the sole of the plane to achieve a straight edge, rather than rely on the board as you would with end grain. I hollow the middle and then take through strokes until a get a full shaving, thank you David Charlesworth.


I lined the runway with self adhesive UHMW tape which gives a durable and very slick surface.
Below is my collection of shooting boards, all very useful. An end grain board with a 'trap' for my Veritas shooting board plane which gives me a perfect 90 degrees. A 45 degree mitre plane as per Bob Wearing's book and my new extra long board.


  1. That's a great idea on the self adhesive UHMW tape David, I might just have to add some to my shooting boards. Any recommendations on best sizes\where to source some of the same in the UK - prices seem to be all over the place?

    1. Hi Clinton, I have a large chunk I've had for years and I just sliced some off on the band saw. If you just enter UHMW on E Bay loads come up. All the best, David.

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