Wednesday 30 December 2015

Loads of Customer Projects to End the Year!

I've had lots of customers projects sent through over Christmas, if there is anyone I've missed out or got wrong I apologise now! First up is Matthieu from France with a lovely curvacoeus wall cabinet, it looks too good for his workshop!

Next is Krenov style plane made by David in the UK, 10" long with a 1 1/2" Hock blade, made from Bubinga with a beech wedge. It looks very comfortable but maybe a shorter wedge would make blade adjusting easier.

Dick from Tennessee made the spice cabinet based on an article in Fine Woodworking by Steve Latta. It's made from Wenge, a very hard brittle wood and not one that's easy to dovetail. There are more than 100 dovetails in this little cabinet!

The accent wood is poplar.

Kevin from the UK has been working on his wife's Christmas present all year, not an easy one to hide! I guessed it was oak but it's actually burr lime.

He joined the two halves and to continue the waney edge all the way round added end pieces as well.
These were glued in the middle with loose dominoes further out to keep things flush and allow for wood movement.

Looks great!

Tue from Cornwall makes pieces from driftwood found on his local shores and this is as rustic a dovetailed table as you will ever see! I love the old paint.

And finally a pair of dovetailed side tables from Hussain in Germany. These were a present for his girlfriend and the first woodworking project he had ever done! He should be very proud especially attempting dovetails that thick on a first project.

Anyway thank you for all the pictures you've sent in over the year, keep them coming.
I wish you all the very best for 2016!

Monday 28 December 2015


My last set of Oouchi chisels, they have seen very little use and come fully prepared and sharp.

Also up is a great 607, flat top, Bedrock jointer

A classic Norris No 2 with a very tight mouth, a good user.

A good user Norris 61, again with a very tight mouth.

And below, one for the collector, a fine brass Scottish smoother with a pierced heart and shield lever cap.
There are a few more listings as well so please check these out.

Saturday 26 December 2015

The Unplugged Woodshop Toronto

Tom Fidgen is just opening a new woodworking school in Toronto, an exciting as well as nervous time for him. He has been asking tool makers from around the world for contributions to the shop for the benefit of students and there have been some very generous donations so far. Terry Gordon from HNT Gordon in Australia has supplied a fine selection of his wonderful planes (above).
Tom is doing a series of videos on the unboxing of these gifts and you can access these by becoming a member on his webiste
Philip Marcou sent his fine planes from New Zealand (below).

Shane Skelton sent some of his wonderfully made saws.

And I sent a good selection of my own tools across.
There will be more unboxing videos in due course followed by videos of how the various tools performed, which will be even more interesting.

Wednesday 23 December 2015

Customer Project, Nice Little Tea Cabinet.

Jason from Maryland sent me these pictures of a petite tea cabinet made recently as a wedding present. It measure 20" tall x 4 3/4" deep and 9 3/4" wide.

The carcass is cherry with a basswood rear panel and white oak shelves.
Notice how he has left the case dovetails slightly proud, a nice touch.

This was Jason's first time making both the carcass dovetails as well as the half binds for the drawer and he done a great job! Anyone for tea?

Tuesday 22 December 2015

More Planes for Sale on E Bay.

A very nice, early Bedrock 606.

A Veritas Medium Shoulder plane.

An excellent Scottish smoother with tight mouth, A great user.

A Spiers dovetailed smoother, nice tight mouth and large rear handle, another good user.

Below, an 18 C plane by S Tomkinson good mark.

A slitting gage in good working order, just needs a sharpen.

A rare American Vaughan and Bushnell premium smoother.

Sunday 20 December 2015

The London School of Furniture Making

This small school based in North London is a very good customer and Helen who runs the school sent me these pictures of her students work. Here's a very nice deep box in mahogany with a pivot hinge lid. It's being proudly displayed by a very pleased student!

This is a similar style box but smaller  made from some wild grained ash, one of my favourite woods.
You can see more of the school and the work done there, on their website

Thursday 17 December 2015

Dovetail Course Available to Book now!

West Dean College has just released the details for the next dovetail course I'll be taking. It runs over the weekend 6-8th May 2016 and costs £252 including materials. As always if you are interested don't delay as it books up quickly!
Details here

The course is for intermediate woodworkers, not beginners, and you will need to bring sharp tools along, although I will have saws and dovetail guide to borrow.

Each person will be making this dovetailed box complete with mitred lining and tilt top lid.
BTW these pics are of a students box, not one I made.

The course is intense but good fun and we are allowed to work on into the evening for those who want, or need to!

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Adam Gamble Furniture

Adam Gamble is new customer and in our exchanges he told me he served a full apprenticeship at The Barnsley Workshop, lucky man!
A look at his website, which is still under construction, showed some wonderful workmanship.

The piece that really caught my eye was this arts and craft style cabinet, clearly showing his Barnsley roots. Everything looks right about it, but it's the lovely details which really lift the piece, subtle but so effective.

Sunday 13 December 2015

Planes for Sale On Ebay

I've just posted a few more planes for sale on E Bay. Above is a very nice Preston smoother see the listing here

Next is a pre war Norris smoother, the adjuster needs attention but otherwise a lovely plane,

An early Bedrock 5 1/2 jack in great condition

A rare Mathieson 4 1/2 smoother
And lastly below an equally rare Spiers No 14 smoother