Tuesday 15 December 2015

Adam Gamble Furniture

Adam Gamble is new customer and in our exchanges he told me he served a full apprenticeship at The Barnsley Workshop, lucky man! http://www.barnsley-furniture.co.uk/
A look at his website, which is still under construction, showed some wonderful workmanship. http://adamgamble.co.uk/

The piece that really caught my eye was this arts and craft style cabinet, clearly showing his Barnsley roots. Everything looks right about it, but it's the lovely details which really lift the piece, subtle but so effective.


  1. I'm finding that quarter sawn oak is such a stunning wood to look at. I know there are plenty of rare exotics that are wonderful in their own right but for me the wood choice should sometimes secondary to the design of the piece of furniture.

    What I'm trying to say (badly) is that there is a subtle "quietness" in quarter sawn oak / ash etc ... That makes the form stand out first and foremost before I notice the carefully selected timber. Really lovely work.

    Did you see the walnut kitchen ??? I bet that was a pretty penny !!!

    1. Oak as well as ash are lovely timbers, they can take the knocks and still look good. Some of the other work you shown is beyond you and me! All the best, David.