Thursday 3 December 2015

Lovely Walnut Tool Chest

Michael from MI in the USA sent me these pictures of his version of my Mark 2 tool chest and a fine job he has done! Above were his first set of hand cut dovetails, I wish mine had looked like that!

 Here are all the parts ready for assembly.

The lid separated from the base, always a nerve racking time!

The completed box comes alive with a nice oil finish.

A nicely fitted interior with both a piston fit tray as well as a soft close lid. Michael really took his time over the piston fit and has been impressing his family and friends!

 A very neat chisels tray and below the completed interior.

Michael describes himself as a novice woodworker who undertook a number of firsts on this project. He says he's learned a lot in making his chest and he should be very proud of the end result.

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  1. That is one sharp-looking tool chest! Well done, Michael.