Monday 26 May 2014

Post on Saw Mill Creek Forum.

First up here's a picture of the first ever dovetail cut by Kat in California, a very nice job. She said she would never have even tried a dovetail joint without one of my guides, so I'm glad to have been of help and I'm sure she will go on to cut many more.

Next up I was informed of a post on the Saw Creek Forum made by one of my customers in the US.
The responses were a mixed bag of opinions which ran to 9 pages so if you've got a spare hour please have a look!

Thursday 22 May 2014

More Customer Projects

First up here's Chris's bench and if you're thinking that looks like a living room, you'd be right!
Chris attended the recent dovetailing course and lives in London where land and space are very expensive, but that hasn't stopped him woodworking. He must have a very understanding wife!

Next is John a regular contributor with his organic boxes, this one in elm. The dovetails were cut with the aid of one of my guides and he's done a fine job.

This box was Peters first attempt at dovetails, they were cut free hand and very well. I wished my first attempt had come out this well!

Lastly a nicely executed dovetail alignment board from Charlie in the US. Good quarter sawn oak and very clean dovetails. The fence is very high and I suspect he will find this gets in the way, but it's easy enough to lower. This is a great first project for anyone getting used to using one of my magnetic guides. Keep the pictures coming!

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Dovetail Guide Review, Canadian Woodworking Magazine.

A few months ago I sent a dovetail guide and saw for review by the on line magazine Canadian Woodworking. It has just been published and is the most comprehensive and complimentary review I've had on my tools.
Above are Carls test cuts and you can read the full review here

Sunday 11 May 2014

Dovetailing Course Finished.

This weekends dovetailing course at West Dean College has come to a happy and exhausting end!
Everyone did very well and I think were pleased with their efforts.

Brothers Kevin and Martin both made very nice boxes.

Here's a shot of the results with everyone completing the job, the first time this has happened. All the more surprising with half the group not having cut a dovetail before arriving.
The two day course started with everyone sharpening their chisels, marking gauges and planes. With razor sharp tools the boxes involved dovetailing the four corners, fitting the base, installing the mitred lining and shooting the lid to size as well as finishing the box inside and out. Most had never used a shooting board before and found it a revelation. We used the boards extensively on day two along with the donkey's ear mitre attachment.

Intense concentration.

Here's some pictures of the College itself, a wonderful place.

This used to be someones garden, all 1,000 acres!

This is the purpose built workshop attached to the main house, I wish I had one like this!
The next dovetailing course is in early December and will be available for booking next month.

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Vale Lane Workshops

At the recent Yandles show I got chatting to four young men who were part of  a shared workshop in Bristol. There are nine of them in total and you can see their work here

It is no surprise I'm taken by this Krenov style cabinet which looks beautifully executed and understated in it's design.

This is far more off the wall, wooden glasses! Although still at the design stage I can see great attention to detail and definite future potential.

I was heartened to see such a group of young woodworkers earning a living woodworking and I wish them all the very best for the future.

Monday 5 May 2014

New 45 Degree Guide

My new 45 degree guide is available now, at last!

It's quite a chunk and twice the weight of my dovetail guides. I've followed the design of the 90 degree guide by using a pair of magnets on each face to keep the saw straight over a reasonable distance. The extra size has pushed up the production cost and it's priced at £34.

The text on the abrasive is not too pretty but the 3M micro finishing paper is the very best for both durability and adhesion. Expensive but worth it.
I have two more magnetic guides coming out shortly, both quite innovative, so watch this space.

Saturday 3 May 2014

Small Antique Tool Box

I have been asked to supply measurements and details of one of the tool boxes in my You Tube video.
It's a cute little box, meant to be portable, with a leather carrying handle on the front.

It measures 21" x 9" x 7 1/2" wide overall. The carcass and the mouldings are 1/2" pine.
The depth of the mouldings is 1 5/8" and the top and bottom of the carcass are solid.

The lid opens all the way back which puts strain on the hinges, it could do with some support to hold it open at 95 degrees. A fold of leather would do nicely and be in keeping.

The tray is 1 5/8" deep and rides on simples runners.

The leather strap is very thick and made up of more than one piece and is stitched together. It is bolted on with nuts on the inside of the cabinet, crude but effective.

The joinery is simply nailed all round but for anyone making a copy it would be much better dovetailed. I hope this was helpful and I'd love to see some pictures of the finished box.