Sunday 11 May 2014

Dovetailing Course Finished.

This weekends dovetailing course at West Dean College has come to a happy and exhausting end!
Everyone did very well and I think were pleased with their efforts.

Brothers Kevin and Martin both made very nice boxes.

Here's a shot of the results with everyone completing the job, the first time this has happened. All the more surprising with half the group not having cut a dovetail before arriving.
The two day course started with everyone sharpening their chisels, marking gauges and planes. With razor sharp tools the boxes involved dovetailing the four corners, fitting the base, installing the mitred lining and shooting the lid to size as well as finishing the box inside and out. Most had never used a shooting board before and found it a revelation. We used the boards extensively on day two along with the donkey's ear mitre attachment.

Intense concentration.

Here's some pictures of the College itself, a wonderful place.

This used to be someones garden, all 1,000 acres!

This is the purpose built workshop attached to the main house, I wish I had one like this!
The next dovetailing course is in early December and will be available for booking next month.


  1. Thanks David, for a top quality and very enjoyable course, met some very good guys. look forward to the next one.

    1. Hi Martin, I'm glad you liked the course, I enjoyed it as well. All the best, David.

    2. I agree with Martin David. We had a brilliant time, met some great guys and learn't loads! Looking forward to the next one. Many thanks Barry.