Thursday 22 May 2014

More Customer Projects

First up here's Chris's bench and if you're thinking that looks like a living room, you'd be right!
Chris attended the recent dovetailing course and lives in London where land and space are very expensive, but that hasn't stopped him woodworking. He must have a very understanding wife!

Next is John a regular contributor with his organic boxes, this one in elm. The dovetails were cut with the aid of one of my guides and he's done a fine job.

This box was Peters first attempt at dovetails, they were cut free hand and very well. I wished my first attempt had come out this well!

Lastly a nicely executed dovetail alignment board from Charlie in the US. Good quarter sawn oak and very clean dovetails. The fence is very high and I suspect he will find this gets in the way, but it's easy enough to lower. This is a great first project for anyone getting used to using one of my magnetic guides. Keep the pictures coming!

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