Saturday 3 May 2014

Small Antique Tool Box

I have been asked to supply measurements and details of one of the tool boxes in my You Tube video.
It's a cute little box, meant to be portable, with a leather carrying handle on the front.

It measures 21" x 9" x 7 1/2" wide overall. The carcass and the mouldings are 1/2" pine.
The depth of the mouldings is 1 5/8" and the top and bottom of the carcass are solid.

The lid opens all the way back which puts strain on the hinges, it could do with some support to hold it open at 95 degrees. A fold of leather would do nicely and be in keeping.

The tray is 1 5/8" deep and rides on simples runners.

The leather strap is very thick and made up of more than one piece and is stitched together. It is bolted on with nuts on the inside of the cabinet, crude but effective.

The joinery is simply nailed all round but for anyone making a copy it would be much better dovetailed. I hope this was helpful and I'd love to see some pictures of the finished box.

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