Saturday 26 April 2014

Thanks For Watching!

Just over two years ago I thought I'd try posting a video on You Tube to see if it would generate any interest. It has just passed 100,000 views which is better than I could have imagined and has helped generate thousands of orders, particularly to the US.
So as the video says, thanks for watching!


  1. No David. It is we who should be thanking you.

  2. Hi David. Thanks for all of the great videos. Have watched all of the dovetailing ones. I may have missed it but can you tell us what spacing you use, and do you use a half pin at either end?
    Thanks very much.

    1. Hi Rod, I use half pins at each end and keep the width of the both the pins and half pins at about 2 mm. This is not too skinny but also thin enough to be clearly hand cut. I like to use an odd number of pins which I think gives a better balance. I hop this helps, David.

    2. Thanks very much. I'll give it a go!