Saturday 19 April 2014

West Dean Dovetailing Course.

I've been preparing for the forthcoming course and this is what we will be making.
The box carcass is beech and the lid is spalted beech. The sides have all been cut to size and I've grooved them to accept the base, this allows the students to get straight into the dovetailing without spending time on stock preparation.

The end grain beech gives a nice contrast which shows off the dovetails without being too showy.

The lid simply tilts to open, which is very discreet, if anyone prefers adding a handle this can be accommodated.

The inside of the box will be lined to support the lid, involving plenty of use of the shooting board.
I expect everyone to complete this project in the two days, so for those of you coming please make sure your tools are sharp so that we can crack on from the start!


  1. That's going to be a beautiful box

  2. I really like the design. Will you be running another course at West Dean? I can't see one on their website.

    Is the lining beech as well?
    I'm trying to find a supplier for some spalted beech. My local one doesn't have any. Do you have any suggestions.

    1. Hi Keith, I'm taking a break from teaching, so no more courses in the near future, sorry. The lining is beech. Yandles normally has some spalted beech, maybe also try Timberline, Treespanner, Wests, Hazelbury, Mac Timbers. All the best, David.