Monday 26 May 2014

Post on Saw Mill Creek Forum.

First up here's a picture of the first ever dovetail cut by Kat in California, a very nice job. She said she would never have even tried a dovetail joint without one of my guides, so I'm glad to have been of help and I'm sure she will go on to cut many more.

Next up I was informed of a post on the Saw Creek Forum made by one of my customers in the US.
The responses were a mixed bag of opinions which ran to 9 pages so if you've got a spare hour please have a look!


  1. David, I have one of your jigs and love it. I have always had trouble sawing to the line. The sawmill post got out of hand with opinions.. As a career educator, I am always looking for ways to help people succeed. In my opinion, your guide is right up there with the invention of velcro. I'm happy that some people can cut freehand.
    Thanks again for doing what you do for all of us that want to be better at our craft.
    Jim Langlois, Ocean Springs, MS USA

    1. Hi Jim, Thank you very much for your comments and I'm glad you are getting on well with the guide. All the best, David.