Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Dovetail guides

I use a little jig on the drill press to bring each side back to horizontal for drilling the holes for the magnets. The magnets are 20mm x 5mm and the hole is drilled to 5.5mm deep to allow some room for the epoxy glue. The magnet must not protrude atall as this will effect the saw angle in use.

This picture shows the other components of the jig. The squares are low friction or slick tape which is cut slightly smaller than each face and its edges are bevelled with the very useful little Bridge City finger plane. The two riding surfaces are faced with 100 micron 3M paper which helps maintain the position of the guide whilst cutting the dovetail. A bit like the old trick of gluing sandpaper to the back of a steel rule. The 3M paper and slick tape are attached with super glue, using an accelerator on one surface to speed the process up.

The batch of guides is now complete and is ready for boxing up.