Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Full Set of Planes to Dallas Texas

Quite a few of my customers have acquired a full set of my planes, usually one at a time. It's unusual for someone to buy a full set in one go, particularly as this is their first purchase.
They range from 5" right through to 17".

The four larger planes are made from rose bubinga and they are a lovely colour, particularly the 13" jack plane seen below.

I try to make all my planes from quarter sawn stock so that any wood movement is from side to side which stops the sole of the plane from cupping. It also looks rather nice as you can see from these two pretty backsides!

The mini smoother is in Bocote often referred to as Mexican Rosewood and although it's not a true rosewood it's has stunning colours. It's also very comfortable to hold and with the blade bedded at 52 degrees is great on figured wood.
The planes were posted today and I hope they see plenty of action!

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