Monday, 29 July 2013

Workshop Tip For Marking Out.

Next week I'm doing some one to one tuition for a couple of days and we'll be making a dovetailed box in olive ash with a walnut panel. I've had these offcuts of wonderfully figured English walnut for a few years and this seems like a good time to use them. When I'm looking for a specific size I find it very useful to make a negative template from card, it's amazing how a small movement can change the look. Below is a shot of the same piece in a different position. When I'm happy I just draw round the inside of the template and cut it out.

If you are looking for a book match you can mark the halfway point on the template and line up with a mirror to see the potential result. Book matches can change even more dramatically and you can get some wonderful effects.

I've been very busy with tools lately, I'd expected a slow down with the holidays but it's been the opposite. I'm making a batch of high angle smoothers from solid Lignum Vitae, this has great mass in the hand and is the ultimate material for wooden hand planes.
It's one of those woods which responds rapidly to direct sunlight, it can make the transition from medium brown to dark green in a days exposure! I intend to keep them out of the sun so that the new owners have the choice. Other quite startling woods such as Pink Ivory and African Padouk also change from their vibrant hues to something much more reserved. And you can't call yourself a woodworker unless you've been caught out by leaving something sitting on a board of American cherry when the suns out!!

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