Sunday, 28 September 2014

Green Sleeves Quality Felt Tool Bags

I saw these advertised on E Bay and they looked very nice, when they arrived they didn't disappoint.

Hand made with 100% real wool felt, with a cotton ribbon and a leather closer. The felt is nice and thick giving great protection for your best planes.
They come in 19 different sizes from 6"x4" right up to 26"x10" and range from £6 up £36. And if that's not enough they also offer a bespoke service..

My two Sauer and Steiner planes now have the protection they deserve.
If you are interested just look for Green Sleeves Tool Bags on E Bay, the seller is Tea and Teak


  1. These look great David, I will need some temporary storage for my family of bench planes, growing by the day.

    1. Hi Simon, be careful buying planes is addictive!


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