Sunday 3 May 2015

Course on Making a Wooden Hand Finished (West Dean College)

A very enjoyable two day course on making my High Angle Smoother. The pace was very good and everyone completed nicely made planes, most had them finished and tuned by lunchtime of day two. Above brothers Martin and Kevin are enjoying themselves sharpening.
Below are shots of some of the others having fun with their new planes.

In the time left I introduced the class to my favourite scraper plane, the Stanley No 81 fitted with a replacement Hock blade. The 81 has a wider footprint than the more common No 80 and was also fitted with a rosewood sole which makes planing much smoother. I had brought a few of them with me, which we tuned up and got pulling some great shavings!

My little mini smoother was admired by most of the class so I made everyone a perspex template which would be helpful in making their own. Kevin thought of an easier way to get hold of one and added this photo while I was out of the room!

Here's the obligatory group shot.
The next course I'm taking is for the New English Workshop in July and I'll be back at West Dean in October for 'Hand Cut Dovetails Made Easy'


  1. Thanks for a very enjoyable course David, we all came away with more skill than when we arrived

    1. No problem, look forward to seeing again in July. All the best, David.

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