Sunday 31 May 2015

Wonderful Old Crafts Museum in Holland. Part 1

On our last day in Holland we paid a visit to an old crafts museum
We were greeted by a load of antique woodworking tools for sale, a great start!

Here is my wife and son somewhat reluctantly holding a large jointer plane which was just 10 euros ($11 or £7).

The museum had 160 shops set out with old tools from every trade imaginable. Above was the sign for the chemist, a Moor with a tablet on his tongue, very unusual!

The first of many cabinet making shops had loads of tools and a very nicely made treadle lathe.

Typical Dutch style moulding planes, these turn up quite often in UK tool shops.

A continental smoother, this style is still in production today and popular in Eastern Europe.

The vice was heavy duty and showing signs of plenty of use. Note the spinner on the left which was to balance wracking when the other side of the vice was used. I installed one of these on my first bench which had a Record vice and it worked very well.

Miniature sales samples of a staircase and window, used to show their skills to prospective customers.

A fantastic adjustable hand drill, which still worked fine and could get some real pace up using the two handles.

This lady was very skillfully weaving wool which she made into jumpers. Se had one made with the fur combed from her Newfoundland dog, it was very heavy and warm!

A shot of another vice which clearly shows the vice screw, guide rods and the side spinner.

Lastly, no Dutch museum would be complete without a clog making shop.
More shots in the next post.

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