Sunday 23 August 2015

More Fun With the Shooting Board!

 I decided it was about time prepared the stock for the dovetailing course. Instead of the usual 9 or 10 sets I thought it would a good idea to prep enough for the next three courses!

It seems a shame to throw all these lovely shavings in the bin!
Below are all the carcass parts dimensioned ans shot square and clean. I've stood them on end to allow air circulation overnight, so that if there is any movement it should be even. Tomorrow I will rout the groove for the base as well as prepare the stock for the lid, base and linings.

Here's what we'll be making in the two day course, except it will be in contrasting walnut and sycamore.


  1. You really seem to be liking the new plane David. My one turned up last week and is still in its box. Looking forward to getting some use once the house move has settled down, wardrobes to finish, boxes to put in the loft !!!

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