Friday, 14 August 2015

Tool Chest That Sucks!

Simon called in to my workshop to pick up a tool and brought his tool chest from the course. Whilst he had completed the lid and both trays on the course, he still needed to refine the fit of the lid to give a soft close. The fit was so good that the lid could be let go from any height without banging and yet still close nicely. What I wasn't expecting was the sharp suck of air as the lid was opened again, it would make any builder or plumber proud!!


  1. Many thanks David, it really is one swipe too many of the block plane and it's too much to be called a soft close lid.

    Hoping it should stay this way for many years.

    Also, really looking forwards to starting a small chest with drawers after having seen your most recent work.

    Many thanks again for the fantastic tools and helpful tuition, I think this wood working thing may be with me for some time yet !!!

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