Wednesday 5 August 2015

Special Edition Chisel Hammers, First come first Served!

A while back a made a number of chisel hammers with English Walnut handles see post here
I saw a couple of these again on the tool chest course and it reminded me how nice they looked. So I decided to make some more this time using Kingwood and Italian Olive.

I was saving this wood for making my mini smoothers but now I've stopped making them this seemed a great alternative use. Kingwood is now almost impossible to get hold of and is a rare and beautiful rosewood. Highly popular in the Georgian periods in England and France it has an SG of 1.2 and has real weight in the hand. The normal ash handle weighs 65 gr whereas the Kingwood weighs 105 gr and the olive 100 gr. This adds about 10% to the overall weight of the chisel hammer.
Kingwood retains it's colour over time, unlike flashy cocobolo which soon turns very dark.
Each hammer below is numbered and priced, sorry about my photography they look much better in the flesh. As usual first come first served!

                                                              No1 (above) £40 ($62)

                                                                     No 2 £40 ($62)

                                                                    No 3 £40 ($62)

                                                                     No 4 £40 ($62)

                                                                    No 5 £40 ($62)

                                                                   No 6 £40 ($62)

                                                                     No 7 £35 ($54)

                                                                       No 8 £35 ($54)

                                                                    No 9 £35 ($54)

And for those of you who want the standard handle, the rippled ash ones at £32 ($49) aren't too shabby either!


  1. David,

    Please can you save No.7 or No. 8 please, I can arrange pay,net with you next week when I get back from Spain.

    Cheers, Simon.

    1. No problem, enjoy the rest of your holiday. All the best, David.

  2. David these are beautiful! It's impossible to find such a fine chisel hammer anywhere else. Is No. 1 Still available? If so how much would the total cost be to ship it over to the US?

  3. David, recently your hammers appeared on highland woodworkings website, they are going for 74$ plus 10$ shipping... Is this correct? It seems high

  4. Hi David,
    Maybe it is too late, would you have no.2 available for sale?

    1. Hi Rani, Sorry these all went a long time ago. All the best, David.

  5. will you ever be making another batch of these?