Saturday 10 September 2016

Two Legged Work Bench on E Bay!

Yes it's true, a work bench with only two legs! It was made by Lervad and I've seen them in adverts in old woodworking magazines.
I guessed at first it was meant to be attached to a wall but the end  cap prevents that. Who knows how it was meant to be used without falling over or shooting across the floor

Having said all that, it has a great front vice for dovetailing and if you were to extend the width of the top with more beech or add a tool well and build a solid base (with 4 legs!) you would have a nice compact and cheap bench.


  1. Hi David

    The bench is supposed to be places alongside a bunch of other benches. All connected to a common tool tray.
    Here's a link to the company's home page showing how it is done.
    And another search for the pictures of it.
    Most Danish elementary schools had a woodworking classroom filled with those benches.
    I don't know the reason for having long benches on one side and short ones on the other, but I guess it was to make sure that you could get around the group of benches in the middle of the room.
    At my elementary school I think there were around 30 benches in total.


    1. Thank you Jonas, very interesting. I've done another post just now which should explain everything. All the best, David.

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