Monday, 13 February 2017

Alan Peters Walnut Box.

I made this small walnut chest a while ago with wood I bought from Alan Peters widow. The design was inspired by a chest he made and featured in Fine Woodworking.

I had put the chest to one side as the drawers needed final fitting as well as lining.

The drawers have a false back so that the whole thing is accessible without the risk of the drawer falling out, so simple!

Bringing in the rear prevented me from using dovetails so I used tiny tenons with contrasting wedges. The tenons are just 3.8 mm square (just over 1/8").

Using through dovetails, with contrasting ripple sycamore, was another of Alan's favourite techniques.

The wonderful figured walnut has continuous grain round the carcass and the rear panel is a book match of the top.


  1. Beautiful, David. One of my new favorite pieces of yours!

  2. That is really beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  3. That's bloody gorgeous David, even nicer now with the lining.

  4. Very very nice , West Dean course comes to mind ?

    1. Hi Martin, I'm revving up to teaching again although making this project would be more than a weekend! All the best, David.

  5. I would definitely do a five day course on this