Thursday, 16 February 2017

Box Maker Phil Weber

Box maker Phil Weber has been making a living producing his wonderful small boxes for 41 years now. This will be his last year of making as he and his wife want a change, I think he's done his bit! He has a chapter in the excellent book New Masters of the Wooden Box.

A few years ago, when the exchange rate was a lot better than now, I bought three of Phil's boxes. The one below was featured on the back cover of Fine Woodworking.

This one has a lift off lid with ebony and spalted maple.

The last one is  simple box but with some lovely curves.

Phil has produced lots of new designs for his final year. If you want one of his fine boxes don't leave it too long!


  1. Hi David I have two of his wonderful boxes , they are very classy

    1. Hi Martin, I'd love to see a picture some time. All the best, David.

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