Friday, 24 February 2017

Matthew Burt Furniture on E Bay

These items from the famous Matthew Burt are currently active on E Bay. The last auction I saw his furniture in, fetched some very healthy prices. The oak garden table and benches looks to me like the best buy, a days work with a random orbit sander followed by a few coats of hard wax oil and you've have a superb garden set for £1,000. This would be a good future investment and certainly a lot less than the £12,000 they cost 15 years ago. You can see the listing here

The same person also has this hall table and mirror, advertised in ash, but looks like sycamore to me.
This is definitely a marmite piece, but it would certainly make a splash in your hallway!

The last one is a totally bespoke piece which is going to be much harder to sell, even though it cost more than £12,000 in 2009. This piece reminds me why I don't like making bespoke furniture. If the shelves could somehow be detached it would be a nice cabinet. Here's the link


  1. This Matthew burt furniture items look fantastic. The oak garden table and benches are sensational and the last one is truly a masterpiece. Although, it's price is way to high. Would any other sources you recommend?

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