Monday 8 December 2014

Dovetailing Course at West Dean, a Good Group!

So here's the class after two days hard work, everyone finished their box comfortably in time, this was the fastest class I've taught and one of the best. Stuart came down all the way from Newcastle, an eight hour journey by train(s).

Here is Pete's box. He had only cut 20 dovetails before the course and he produced a near perfect box.

Below is Martins box, as he was more experienced he took on the box with a pivot hinged lid which is normally reserved for the three day class.

As I expected he did a great job. below is a close up of his curved and chamfered integral handle.

And this is the start of the black pig suede lining.

The rest of the class made a tilt top lid on their boxes, I like these.

Below is a shot of the mitred linings showing the tilt. All these were dry fitted to a tight friction fit, involving plenty of work on the shooting board.

Some people worked standing up whilst others worked sitting down as I do most of the time.
John had a different method, or maybe he was just praying to the dovetail gods!
They'll be more from the course in the next post.


  1. Beautiful work again David. I bet the guys really enjoyed the course. Chris and I certainly enjoyed the last one very much.

  2. A very enjoyable weekend in the company of like minded souls in a stunning location being taught to make finely fitted dovetailed boxes. I had great time, thanks David, can't wait till the next course !!!

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