Saturday 16 May 2015

Handworks Day 1

Although everyone was expecting a good show, no one really knew.......I arrived an hour before the doors opened and this was what greeted me!
Below you can see the queue stretching down the main street.

This show was full of fine plane makers. I was sharing a booth with Phil Edwards (Mr laid back), he was still setting up when the doors opened!

Across was Konrad Sauer, it was good to meet him again and he had a fine selection of planes.

The K13 and the K18 shown below were the stars of the show for me, they felt nice, worked wonderfully and those looks are to die for!

Scott Meeks was opposite me with a good selection of his sculptural wooden planes.

Daed Toolworks had some very fine planes which also caught my eye.

Also opposite me was Wayne Anderson with some real beauties.

Blum planes are unusual in the blade and adjustment design and they have just been granted a patent for the system. I'm looking forward to giving these a try tomorrow.

And finally the highlight of my day. A customer came to thank me for helping him transform his dovetailing and woodworking with my tools and videos. He had brought a special pack of six beers with him as a gift, very touching and gratefully received!

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  1. You're welcome for the beers. Thank you for your videos and furthering the craft of fine woodworking to the next generation. It's the least I could do =) ~Matt Heer, Platteville, WI