Monday 11 January 2016

You Can Never Have Too Many Clamps!

You can never have too many clamps, so the old saying goes. Well actually you can and I have!
So it's time to let some go. Please note that most of these on E Bay are UK purchases only and some of them are to be picked up from my workshop in Southampton due to the weight.

4 x Bessy K 30 bar clamps, these can be posted.

2 x K80 Bessey bar clamps, these are pick up only.

4 x K60 Bessey bar clamps, these can be posted.

2 x Stabil Gross bar clamps, 1000 mm, pick up only.

4 x Bessey K100 bar clamps, collection only.

2 x 5' Record speed clamps, definitely pick up only!

There are also a few planes including these two very good user models with very tight mouths.


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  3. you still have the record speed clamps available?